Regional Meetings are held quarterly and open to all groups within Georgia.
For those not able to attend in person, Skype and conference call-ins are available.

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Regional Structure

The region is comprised of areas located within its geographic boundaries.  The region supports the areas and groups by providing
opportunities for them to communicate with each other, acting on behalf of their common interest and encouraging growth and
fellowship.  The structure consists of the Regional Service Committee (RSC) and the Regional Service Assembly.

The RSC's purpose is to plan for the general improvement of groups and areas, and to conduct assemblies.  The members of the
RSC perform the duties described in these guidelines and follow any parliamentary procedures  adopted at the assembly. Its
members strive to work for the common good of Nar-Anon as a whole, guided by the conscience of their groups.  All members and
officers should be bound by Nar-Anon's
Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts of Service. Service Opportunities
We, as a group, support the service structure through our group donations and taking on service commitments.
The service structure in turn provides member services such as guidelines, literature, conventions, and much more.
Georgia Region Nar-Anon
Regional Service


2Q  -  MAY

3Q  - JULY


Next Meeting:

                           Current GEORGIA REGION NAR-ANON Services:

                                    *       Maintains a website ( for members and the public

                                    *       Provides information on upcoming Nar-Anon events

                                    *       Provides support and financial assistance for startup literature to New Groups

                                    *       Provides support to local groups in their outreach/service projects

                                    *       Works to maintain communication between and among groups in the region

                                    *       Distributes information from the WSO to groups

                                    *       Funds attendance of Delegate to the World Service Conference

                                    *       Shares the Group Conscience of the region – through the Delegate – at WSO Conference
       Regional Activities: