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Twelve Steps  ~  Twelve Traditions  ~ Twelve Concepts

We are a worldwide self-help fellowship without dues or fees which uses a "Twelve Steps" / "Twelve Traditions" /
"Twelve Concepts" of Nar-Anon Service process as our foundation.

The principles they embody are universal, applicable to everyone, whatever his or her personal creed. In
Nar-Anon, we strive for an ever deeper understanding of these steps, traditions and concepts and we pray for the
wisdom to apply them to our lives.  


3 Cs of Nar-Anon

We didn't CAUSE it,

We can't
CURE it,

and we can't
doing for yourself,
Letting go, is not to fix you - but be supportive so that you can learn to do for yourself,
Letting go is not for me to be in the middle arranging outcomes - but to step aside and
allow you the freedom to manage your own life.
Letting go is not to take care of you - but to care about you.
Letting go is to admit my own powerlessness - which means
the outcome is not in my hands.